The public galaxy server at WUR
Disclaimer & DATA-policy
By continuing to use this server you AGREE to its policies:

This Galaxy server is a free, public, internet accessible resource. Data transfer and data storage are not encrypted. If there are restrictions on the way your research data can be stored and used, please consult your local institutional review board or the project's principal investigator before uploading it to any public site, including this Galaxy server.

The data and analyses carried out on this Galaxy instance are your own responsibility. The administrators, the developers, Wageningen University or the Central Veterinary Institute are not liable for any loss or damage to the data you store or the analyses you perform on this Galaxy instance, nor do they provide any warranty about the content or accuracy thereof. Even though we do our ultimate best to deliver stable and error-free analysis tools, the results might be erroneous: so check the output!

The data you store and generate on this instance is not backed-up in any way! It remains your own responsibility to back them up properly. Although deleted history items can be undeleted by the user, after a few days they will be purged from the server to free disk space to other users as much as possible.

Currently we have a FIXED cutoff of diskspace per user depending on use within or outside WUR (contact the galaxy@wur team for other arrangements). Abuse or the registration of multiple accounts per user to either circumvent the data-policy or to use more than the per-user-set amount of resources will result in an undisputable termination of all accounts and a permanent ban!

This server is a FREE service and NOT a DATA-STORAGE facility, any STATIC data older than 6 months will be silently purged unless YOU request and were granted otherwise!

Contact the galaxy@WUR development team for bugs, improvements or just to say hello!

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Version: June 2011, Alex Bossers
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